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tv grab dvb patches
Submitted Patches

Sorry I didnt post these earlier or acknowled them, I've not been on top of this project. It's hard when you cant use it yourself anymore! I've been living in accommodation without a DVB capable antenna, but thank you so very much to all submittors.

Patch 1

i am using tv_grab_dvb on my MythTv box. German DVB-T EPG data contains long event descriptions, so as got bug author to decode lines in xmltv files, i thougt, it is better to write a decode function myself and send a patch to you. And here it is!

Leonid Scharf


Patch 2

my Name is Daniel and i'am from Germany.

Thank you for this tool. We use it in our linux/dvb-t streaming/recording environment.

We changed several things in Your code.
strncpy in tv_grab_dvb.c:547 -> memcpy ('' in description lead to
cut off in copied string)
added parseLongEventDescription to parse new (not cut off anymore :-)
long program descriptions
added install-target to makefile
changed description in dvb_info_tables.h to make valid XML


Patch 3


I started to use your tv_grab_dvb a couple of weeks ago, since my
local provided (via tv_grab_fi) gave me some empty channels.
So I can verify that tv_grab_dvb works in Finland (dvb-t at least).
However, there are some problems, two of them due to the low quality of data
broadcasted here (I think). The problems are:
1.The info (title and descriptions) is provided in two languages,
Finnish and Swedish (fin/fi and swe/sv).
2.There is a habit of sending programs without title, usually late at
night, probably just to give some info to the poor user (only
start/end times).
3.The end time often overlaps with the start time of the next program by some
5 minutes at most (3 min covers most).

So, I have problems using tv_grab_dvb together with Mythtv. After
some initial efforts (like filtering out titles in Finnish,
which fails since some programs have info only in Swedish...) I
made the following solution:
A patched tv_grab_dvb outputs multilingual info, with
repeated titles and descriptions conforming to XMLTV dtd.
It also writes a dummy title, if missing (tv_sort did not like empty).
A patched tv_sort filters out titles in the preferred language
(anything goes, if not available) and corrects small overlap
(I am not a perl expert, so modifying tv_sort instead of writing
a new program was easier for me.)

Some programs are still lost (usually due to >3min overlap), and
I think I sometimes get a title in Swedish only for a program, which
had a Finnish title yesterday, but I am not sure of this.
I am not sure how this works with respect to new XMLTV dtd
or recent mythtv dvb patches, but I feel that having a separate program
to produce listings from dvb stream is useful.

I attach the patches and the mythtv-script I am using. Feel free to
ask for more information, test data etc. And yes, I would be delighted
if you decide to include this in tv_grab_dvb.

Thanks for writing it!

Mikko Suonio


Script 1


damn, this days i remembered of an [1]old script i needed once ago
to generate a full (cron'd) epg for myself and notice, that i could
have written you about this maybe useful tool, which makes
use of yours (correct english? i'm german ,)..

more than one year later i'm going to put this onto my new lil
homepage [2] (mainly for college), so you can know about this tool, too. x)
it goes through a given frequency list or parses a channels.conf
and calls yours (it's variable, but this is the most useful thing ;) .

have fun with it, if you need it and put it onto your page
if ya want (which was my intention for this mail; fanfic. ;)